Sabotaged From Within

If I said to someone neutral that paid staff of our own party had been working against their own party getting elected they would probably say that I was some sort of crackpot conspiracy theorist. But…..


In 2017 General Election we the Labour Party were just over 2200 votes short of getting over the line to form a minority Government. That’s how close we were with everything that we were up against. Yesterday an internal Labour report  was leaked which confirms many of the suspicions which Corbyn supporters like me suspected.

I’m someone who tries to keep calm but I am absolutely raging about this and the more I think about it the madder I feel. You see basic rules, common sense and plain decency have been blatantly disregarded for the agenda of trying to make Jeremy Corbyn unelectable by factions in the party who didn’t want him as Prime Minister. Now as I say it’s always been obvious that certain MP’s were doing this for example. But now it’s been proved that some right wing Labour staffers were not only plotting against the leadership but actually wanting us to lose and work against us in 2017.

This isn’t some mad conspiracy it’s fact. These are people who get paid by the party that we as members contribute too. So we were paying their wages for them to work against us. Now we all have different views and I’m a firm supporter of democratic debate conducted in the right spirit. But that’s nothing like what I’m talking about here. As a party member it’s a given that you want your party to win elections and try and help to make that happen no matter who is leader. Whether you are a supporter of the leader is immaterial when it comes to Election time’s as we all pull together for the common cause. Or so you would think. It’s absolutely sickening to find out that’s not the case.

It seems that these people would rather have had a Conservative Government than a Labour one and actively worked against us. In my opinion they should be expelled for their acts of sabotage.


There’s over 850 pages in this report and it’s going to take time to digest it all. But I’m demanding that it’s not swept under the carpet. I won’t forget what they have done and the consequences of their actions helping the Conservatives win again when victory for us that would have helped so many was so close. It’s unforgivable. This may be in the past but action needs to be taken now. We need an urgent inquiry by the party into former senior officials sabotaging Labour’s election campaign in 2017 and engaging in disgusting and abusive behaviour towards members. Please sign and share this petition to help make it happen. Thanks


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