An Open Letter to Jeremy Corbyn MP

Jeremy you are in a unique position on the left. You are well known and well respected. The last 7 years has been an rollercoaster for everyone on the left but for you most of all. What you had to endure as leader of the Labour Party is difficult for me and others to comprehend. On a personal level especially I can’t begin to get my head around how it must have effected you and your family.

So part of me feels bad about even suggesting this. But please consider forming a new political party. Yes I realise it’s a gigantic ask and of course if you decide against it that would be completely understandable. Until recently I wasn’t even in favour of the idea myself. But let me try to explain why I’ve changed my mind.

There’s already too many parties on the left as it is why start another one? This is the Biggie for me and the answer is you could make a bigger difference than anyone else. Let’s be under no illusions this wouldn’t be a party that would be preparing for Government. But more like something that could put pressure on Labour from the left something akin to what UKIP did with the Tories. That would be the main aim at the beginning anyway.

I believe your name has the potential to do what other left parties have failed to do and that’s make a breakthrough in certain areas. Of course nothing is guaranteed in politics we know that. But I believe what would be different is the membership and that’s the thing. Thousands have left the Labour Party since you ended your time as leader. I believe the vast majority of them feel politically homeless now. I’m someone who has reluctantly left Labour and I know I do. A new party with you Jeremy at the helm at least in the short term could light a spark that could set the ball rolling very quickly.

I really feel at least thousands maybe even more would join. That’s the sort of potential it has. I’m guessing that starting a new party has never been in your to do list. I understand why. You’ve loved the Labour Party and been loyal to it for many years. I only wish more had been loyal to you when you were leader but you were repeatedly stabbed in the back by certain members of the PLP and now they won’t let you back in as a backbench MP. The whole situation is disgraceful.

Sadly I feel you like many others simply aren’t wanted in the Labour Party by the right wing. I’m not someone who was ever in support of leaving Labour. I always thought Labour was the best vehicle we had to effect positive political change in this country. But what has happened inside the Party in the last 2 years and with the Pandemic as well has made me question my previous beliefs. The expelling of Ken Loach last August was the final straw for me and I resigned my Labour membership.

We live in strange uncertain times but now we are back to business as usual politically speaking. 3 main parties that seem to have more in common with each other than any distinctive political differences like there should be in a healthy democracy. Our system is broken in so many ways. I believe our country is crying out for change as the 2017 Election proved. In my heart I always felt a vast section of Society wanted something different to what is usually offered at Elections and that proved it not only to me but many others.

I believe you are seriously considering standing as an Independent for the next Election. The last thing I want to do is put you under extra pressure but please consider taking it one step further and starting a new party. You are a unifying figure Jeremy and have with everything against you inspired hundreds of thousands of people before. You can again. There’s nothing else I can think of that would cause a political ripple like this could, that with momentum could develop into a tidal wave of optimism again.

I don’t know if you know about it but there’s a petition asking you think about starting a new party that’s currently not far away from 5000 signature’s.

Obviously Jeremy if you decide against it we will accept and respect your decision. But I really believe this could make a massive difference. Please consider it. Thank you.


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